Sale Price: £6575

Date: 30/04/2021

Condition: Used



I'm re-listing this and making clear what servicing is required to bring it up to date. Its been sitting in my garage since before the beginning of the Pandemic and with my nearest dealer being closed for most of this time or its been winter, the bike just hasn't been used.My nearest Ducati dealers website states these prices/info and I'm sure other official dealers also do the same...ANNUAL SERVICE £268.82 inc 20% VAT FLUIDS Due every 3 years or 22,500 miles on all models. Replace fork oil, brake, clutch fluid and radiator coolant.Add £136.94 inc 20% VAT Cam belt change is due every 5 years or 15,000 miles, so in this case its due in August this year. IMHO there's two options, spend the above and enjoy the bike this summer and do the Desmo service this time next year if you're a fair weather rider or bite the bullet now if you think you're going to keep her and include the belt service. VALVES PLUSDue every 15,000 miles. Valve clearance examination and adjustment if required. Cam belt tension check and adjustment Add £273.00 inc 20%VAT BELTSCam Belts must be changed every 15,000 miles or 5 years There is no additional labour cost for fitting the belts if they are being done as part of a service plan The reason being, we are already doing belt tension (see the operations carried out during a service) as part of our service, it is not difficult or time consuming at that stage in the process to remove the used belts and fit the new and re- tension.I'm told the price of belts is about £100Then its done for the next 5 years. I'm selling this on a 7 day auction, no swopsies etc, and with what I consider a very reasonable starting price for what is a lovely, unmolested bike. The auction will run its course. You can test drive it as much as you like after you've paid for it, it's SORN. £200 paid immediately (paypal/etc) after the auction finishes, if you're bidding, you're watching, no down payment within the hour, it's getting offered to the next highest bidder. Anyone with less than 10 positive feedbacks or any negatives please contact me first. I had it delivered to my house by courier, I can dig out the details if you wish me to do the same for you. Bank transfer for the balance, all common sense really. I'm reading this is now the last of the 1200 Desmo Monster's, so if you're looking for a good'un, here's one for what you want to pay.So, back to how we met... You know when you’re sitting in that little office scrolling through the pages of Ebay/Autotrader not sure what you really want, other than something really nice and not abused?And suddenly, there’s that momentary pause, a quickening of the pulse, a slight rise of body temp…you’ve just seen something, not sure what made you stop…So you slide back and look again, another moment and a warm feeling runs down your back….oooh the brain goes and sends a message down to some long forgotten nether regions…Next picture, it's in the living room, always a good sign. Outside is parked a Panigale, whats going here then you wonder.Next picture, not a blemish…zoom in, still nothing wrong.Backside, looks so good you could….Starting to tick all the boxes.I’m going to have to read the text…arghhMileage, just done a few thousand a year, only two years old.One lady owner…you what? This doesn’t happen, a bead of sweat appears on your brow and it's time to go.It says, selling with low reserve, got to go and it's an auction.Save to “watch this item”…it's going to be a stressful week.Now I've decided, I want a Ducati Monster 1200, I’d rented a 696 for a few days some years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, totally different to all the Japanese straight fours I’d had before kids…then the search in earnest begins, I've got 5 days before the auction ends to find something better ?Well, I didn’t, I’ll not bore you with the details of drama and tales of fancy woe. Just had to bid strong, very strong and pray.The stars aligned and with a recently completed house sale, it was mine (just), the previous owner gave me a very comprehensive history of the bike, her family of bikers and the running in schedule and some other trivia I've now forgotten. A 30-minute Facetime video call going round every detail of the bike and it was then, money transferred and in a van it went. 3 days later…welcome to Cumbria.That was back in January 2019, she turned up here with 4500 miles on, I didn’t record exactly, I was a bit giddy at the time ! That’s how she came to be with me.Any questions, fire away....


Model: Monster 1200
Colour: Red
Modified Item: No
Country/Region of Manufacture: Italy
Gears: Six-speed manual
Capacity (cc): 1160 to 1334 cc
Extra Features: Anti-Lock Brakes
Type: Naked
Year: 2016
V5 Registration Document: Present
Road Tax Remaining: SORN
Manufacturer: Ducati
Engine Size: 1198
Power: 135
Mileage: 6009
Previous owners (excl. current): 1
Date of 1st Registration: 20160729
Number of Manual Gears: 6