Sale Price: £1600

Date: 31/08/2021

Condition: Used

Location: Studley, GB


You are bidding on the contents from my Man Cave. I've been a member of the XS1100 owners club and forum since I bought my first XS1100SF. They have been of great help in keeping me and the bike on the road. 14 years I've been riding and working with this bike. Now we're downsizing so I have to let it go as there is no room for my cave at the new place.As you can see from pic's we have a Yamaha XS1100SF imported from America well two of them.Just after I bought my first XS1100SF I was offered and bought another XS1100SF to use as parts, this bike still has about 80% of itself still.When my better half went out with me there was a carrier with back rest fitted and rear foot plates for her to use. Now she doesn't ride with me any more I've taken them off and refitted the original foot pegs and grab bar (which is rare as rocking horse poo) The carrier with back rest and rear foot plates are still included.The year before last the speedo stopped working so I swapped it for the other bikes one. The speedo that died had 35000 miles on it, The replaced speedo has just over 21000 miles on it. So please bear this in mind.With the nutters on the road these days I decided to fit a pair of driving light to the front. These lights are Yamaha original indicator lights but fitted with clear lenses so they don't look out of place. These along with the other lights are on all the time. Lights being on all the time is standard for American version of these bikes.This year it got to the stage where I wanted to run the engine so I bought a new Motobatt MBTX24U battery which is still under warranty. This has been kept in good nick by using a Optimate 4 battery charger/conditioner. A lead for easy connection when charging the battery has been supplied by Optimate and fitted to the bike, so all you need to do is plug in the lead and turn the charger on. No need to take the battery off the bike. The panniers are lockable with a key supplied. The engine started fine but still needs a bit of tweaking after all it has been SORN for a few years. £200 straight away holding deposit the rest in cash upon collection. There are two bikes here so bear that in mind as transport is concerned ie a van


Model: XS
Capacity (cc): 1100
Year: 1979
Manufacturer: Yamaha